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Selling Your House For Cash vs. The Traditional Sale

Read on to find out how this could be you!



There are plenty of benefits to selling your house fast, for cash. Maybe you are just looking for a quick escape from a problem property and don't want to deal with the hassles of listing it with an agent. Sometimes, you don't have time to go through that process, such as if your job moves unexpectedly across the country. And what if your house needs repairs and you don't have the cash to fix it up to put it on the market? All of these are great reasons to talk to us about selling your DFW house for cash, but they are topics for another blog post. Today I just want to tell you a story about how you can actually profit from selling your house for cash rather than going through the hassle of a traditional sale.


Wait, I can actually profit from selling my house fast for cash?

Yes! Often times people think that by contacting those "we buy houses" people they will just get a ridiculous low-ball offer, but that is not necessarily true. Of course this is a business, and if I don't turn a profit, I don't feed my family. But my goal is to find a way for BOTH of us to profit. And one thing to take into consideration is how much you are actually paying when you go the traditional, list-my-house-with-a-realtor-for-months-on-end route.


The Traditional House Sale

You need to sell your house. Perhaps you just took a job 2000 miles away. You don't have time to mess with the details, so you call a well-respected realtor to come take a look. Being the knowledgeable, honest guy he is, the realtor tells you that all those little things you haven't had time to fix over the years will have to be repaired before the house can be put on the market. And then they bring in the home stager. That hideous wallpaper in the kitchen you always meant to change, but somehow hardly notice anymore, needs to be torn down. Your living room is too "personalized", better repaint and redecorate. Carpet stains? Better pull that up and replace it too.  You mentally start adding up the time and dollars required. You're exhausted, and you haven't even put it on the market yet!


Turns out your job needs you sooner than you thought, so you pack up and move leaving an empty house. Your realtor informs you that you will never get top dollar for an empty house. "Buyers can't envision themselves in an unfurnished house," he says. Buyers are a persnickety bunch. Back comes the stager, to add some furnishings to your humble abode - for a monthly fee of course.


Settling in to your new job, you get a call from the realtor. There's an offer on the house. All your hard work and money spent is finally paying off! You negotiate back and forth, agree on the price, then nervously pace back and forth for the next month while the bank scrutinizes every tiny detail about your buyer and your house. To keep this story from getting even longer, we will mercifully assume that the inspection goes well, your buyer passes all the financial stress tests, and your house appraises for just the right value (like that process ever actually works out on the first try).


Closing day! You go in to sign the paperwork, collect your check, and finally move on with your life. But what's this? From the top of the mountainous, precariously balanced stack of papers the closing representative whips out the dreaded HUD form. You have a few questions about where those numbers came from, and why that total looks so low. Your eyes cross as she explains that Line 112 is simply the sum of Lines 51, 87, half of the balance of the worksheet on page 8, and minus 5.3% for asking too many questions. At the end of the day you find out that you agreed to cover your buyer's closing costs of 3% (a common concession), realtor's commission of 6%, a home warranty for $500, and several other cryptic fees. Your tidy profit is turning into a much more meager sum. Where did things go so wrong?


The Andrew Buys Houses Sale

You need to sell your house. You call Andrew. He comes by the next day to check it out. He gives you a cash offer. You accept. You sign a purchase agreement. You close the next week and take your check to the bank. You dance in the streets.


No repairs, no realtors, no banks, no appraisals, no commissions, no concessions, no new gray hairs. Congratulate yourself on a great decision!


Call us today at 927-360-8627 or visit our website at and let us see if we can help you dance in the streets from your good fortune.


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